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Procedures performed via Thoracotomy

In certain cases, open surgery is needed to diagnose and treat lung problems. If a mass is found in the lung, surgery can help determine its cause. If necessary, the mass can also be removed.

Wedge Resection

A wedge resection can be performed if the tumor / mass is confined to one area of the lung. This procedure removes only the affected tissue.


The lungs are composed of sections called lobes. A lobectomy removes an entire lobe. By removing the entire lobe, the lobectomy hopefully removes all traces of cancer cells. Surrounding lymph nodes may be removed at the same time in a procedure called a lymphadenectomy.


A pneumonectomy removes an entire lung. Removal may be needed if cancer appears to have spread through one entire side of the lungs, but the exact location is hard to pinpoint. People often worry that their breathing will be compromised after lung removal, but the remaining lung is usually more than sufficient.